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About Online Application Status

The initial Status of an application form after preliminary registration is Incomplete untill it is completed by the applicant and submitted by him/her online. Once Submitted online by the applicant, the status of application gets updated to Submitted. Application with status as Submitted is then validated at BOPEE. If  an application is found to be considered as correct based the submitted information, its status is updated to Accepted by the BOPEE. However, if any deficiency/discrepancy is found, application status of such an application form is set to Incomplete. Also, if the candidate is found not eligible for the said examination, the status of his/her online application form is updated to Rejected. Therefore, candidates need to keep in touch with the BOPEE until their status is set to Accepted during the period of online submission process so that their Admit Card is issued.

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Application Status "Accepted" is subject to further verification of certificates/documents

Candidates in the below list are advised to contact HelpDesk (9596243219), if their status is not updated