JKSSB Animal Keeper Syllabus PDF 2021

English20 Marks
Science30 Marks
History30 Marks
Geography25 Marks
Mathematics30 Marks

Total Marks are 120, means 120 questions will be asked in the written examination by JKSSB and whereas the shown against each subject are more than 120, that will be normalized by the examiners.


  • Nouns and its kinds
  • Parts of Speech
  • Masculine/feminine (Gender)
  • Number


  • Micro-organism (useful and harmful micro-organism)
  • Coal and Petroleum origin and uses.
  • Reproduction in Animals (Elementary Knowledge)
  • Matter and its States
  • Force and Pressure.
  • Motion- Elementary Knowledge.
  • Stars and Solar System.
  • Pollution of Air and Water.
  • Carbon and its allotropic forms.
  • Light

JKSSB Latest Updates


  • Indian Freedom Struggle after the revolt of 1857.
  • Gandhiji era of Freedom Struggle.
  • Moderator and Extremists.
  • Reform Moments.


  • Natural Resources
  • Demographic Profile of Jammu and Kashmir State.
  • Population of India as per 2011 Census.
  • Wildlife National Parks and Sanctuaries in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Hydroelectric Potential of Hydroelectric Power Houses in Jammu and Kashmir.


  • Rational Numbers
  • Linear Equation in one Variable
  • Squares and Square roots.
  • Cubes and cube roots.
  • Simple Algebraic Identities.

JKSSB Animal Keeper Syllabus PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

When will JKSSB conduct exams for Animal Keeper Posts

Probably in the 2nd week of January 2022.

What is the Syllabus for JKSSB Animal Keeper?

The Syllabus is given in detail above in this blog, download PDF.

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