Net, Set, MPhil, boy Sold barbeques to fund his education

Coming from an economically-weak background, Javid Teli of Nihalpora did 2 MAs, qualified NET and supported his family with the steak business he started at class 8.

Born in a small village-Nihalpora, Javid Teli, 32, is considered an example of hard work and confidence in whole Pattan area of the Baramulla district.

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Javid started selling barbeques, when he was in class 8, to support his father financially. But despite that he did not left his education halfway. He not only did two masters degrees but qualified highly competitive NET and SLET exams as well.

“My father’s workload forced me to shoulder my family’s responsibility and at the age of 13, I started selling barbeque when I was in class 8. Those were really tough times for me, I had to manage my personal education, as well as, my family’s expenses,” says Javid. “You can say I never had childhood in real sense.”

His shop is still the centre of attraction in the entire area not only because of his barbeques but also because he counsells young generation for deciding their career choice. Youngsters cherish to go to his shop for delicious barbeque and good advice. With hard work and passion to learn more, he completed his graduation, two MAs, MPhil and has qualified NET and SELT by just selling barbeques.

“I used to go school during the day and after 4 pm, I used to engage myself in selling barbeque,” he says. “After 10 pm I used to study till late at night, this has remained a routine till now.”
In 2014, Javid was appointed as a general line teacher but leaving his profession of selling barbeque never crossed his mind because he feels that this profession is his real identity.

“Nineteen years ago, I started this journey in 1998 with just Rs 50 and presently my earning from two shops is double than my monthly salary as a government employee. During my school days, I used to go to Pattan market early in the morning to bring meat and during the day my father used to keep it ready so that I can sell it in the evening. I purchased my books, paid my fees, built my house, purchased few kanals of land and married off my two sisters only from the earnings of this profession,” says Javid.

Apart from this Javid also works as a counsellor in the Government Degree College, Pattan, where he also teaches IGNOU student every Sunday.

Presently Javid operates two barbeque shops in collaboration with his younger brother, one in Pattan and another in Nihalpora.

“I am earning handsome money. I am much satisfied with this. My whole family is living happily which gives me real happiness. I never shied away from it, because this has been my bread and butter since years,” says Javid proudly.

“Sadly there is a taboo attached with such kind of profession in our society. It does discourage you,” said Javid. “Even few of my relatives were against my decision but I never paid heed to them.”
“A plan doesn’t happen by accident; it requires careful thought and planning.

A key component of business planning involves the development and implementation of specific success strategies. Small business can’t afford to spend lavishly on items, such as office, marketing campaign or a vehicle, so becoming an effective negotiator can save your precious money,” says Javid.

Javid has a message for youngsters that one should never shy away from doing things, which have good potential and are legitimate, even if people ridicule you for that.

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